Artist of Greek origin Vicky Vergou has studied in Athens Fine Arts, Film Studies and Graphic Design. She lives in the UK since 2000. She was awarded an MA in Contemporary Arts by Oxford Brookes University in 2005. Since then her practice revolves around the themes of migration and landscape; and has been expressed through videos, sound-works and painting.

The most recent work “Water series” explores waterbodies, texture and movement of water in different locations. Vicky developed an interest in the theme of water after two residencies, one in Oxford in 2006 in association with OVADA, and the other at the Turbine House in Reading in 2009.

In 2011/12 with the support of the Arts Council England she develops the project “Language Paralanguage”, which explores the sound-world of the 44 official languages spoken in Europe examining the phonetic and written characteristics of language through participatory processes.

Vicky has had a number of collaborations with local and international artists. She has had solo and group exhibitions in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and London. Residencies and site-specific work have taken place in England, Greece and Germany. Video work has been screened at various festivals. She is an associate member of various art-groups and art organisations. She has worked as a filmmaker, director of photography, graphic designer, curator, art teacher and workshop leader.