I was born in Greece in 1964. In Athens I studied Fine Arts, Film Studies and Graphic Design at Vacalo School of Design.

I have been living in England since 2000 and was awarded an MA in Contemporary Arts by Oxford Brookes University in 2005. My practice revolves around the themes of mortality and migration; and has been expressed through videos, sound-works and painting.

Over a long period I have been working on the project “An Odyssey” inspired by Homer's epic, which was first developed during a residency in Oxford. Since then I have been working on the theme of water, exploring waterbodies, light and movement in different locations. “Waterscapes” is a series of video-work, photos and paintings.

Another residency followed in 2010 at the Department of Immunology in Evangelismos Hospital of Athens in Greece. The ongoing project “Plus” is a research on cells and viruses and includes interviews with scientists and patients.

“Language Paralanguage” (2011) is a touring sound installation, which explores the sound-world of the 44 official languages spoken in Europe; examining the phonetic and written characteristics of language through participatory processes. It is supported by the Arts Council England, Artpoint and Dada South.

I have had a number of collaborations with other artists including Conrado Silva de Farrias, Jo Thomas, Caroline Rager, and Pavlos Avouris.

I have had solo and group exhibitions in London, Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Residencies and site-specific work have taken place in both England and Greece. Video work has been screened at various festivals.

I have worked as a Scriptwriter, Film Editor, and Director of Photography, a Graphic Designer and an Art Teacher. I have experience working with a broad range of constituencies running workshops and art activities.